Our Favorite August Fishing Deals

Fishing can be as much about the gadgets and equipment as it is getting your line wet. In that spirit we are always looking for great deals. Here are a few hot deals that we uncovered over the weekend. Better act quick though. These deals are so tasty (just like walleye) that they will limit out quickly.

If you fish from shore a lot like we do sometimes a stick you find on the bank doesn’t do the job of keeping your rod stable and secure.  I find that this is a problem especially when I’m out in evening going after catfish. Dick’s Sporting Goods has a Jawbone Expendable Stick Rod Holder for less than a buck. What I love is that it telescopes from 15 to 40 inches so it works in just about any environment.

I mentioned above that I like to go after catfish in the evenings.  When you’re reeling a monster you need a good light. I’m going to pick up one of these Quarrow Rechargeable 96 LED Fishing Lights for my fall fishing trips.  at only $50 it will be a great tool for the job. Before you pick up either of  these deals make sure you check out my favorite promo code site to see if there is additional savings to be had.

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